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Introduction to Computer Programming

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Introduction to Computer Programming: Text

Introduction to Computer Programming

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What you will learn in this course:

This course focuses on helping students develop an understanding of object-oriented programming, algorithms, and basic concepts in software development, including classes, inheritance, control structures, simple data structures and objects. The course also teaches fundamental knowledge of computer systems, operating systems, database systems, networks, web services and applications. A lab section provides hands-on experience solving common programming problems. Students in computer programming course will become familiar with programming languages such as Python.

Who can benefit from this course:

You do not have to have prior knowledge or work experience in the technology field. This course will provide you with the basics of computer programming which will allow you to use the knowledge and skills learned for future job opportunities. This exposure allows you to add programming experience to your skill set.

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1.              Overview of Computer Science and Computer System
2.              Basic Program Design and Programming Environment
3.              Program Decomposition and Functions
4.              Compilers, Algorithms and Data Structure
5.              Python Basics
6.              Data Types, Control Structures, Modularization and Classes
7.              Object Oriented Design and Exception Handling
8.              Case Study: Developing a Data Analysis Program

Introduction to Computer Programming: Activities

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