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Founded in 2011, New York Institute of Business and Technology (NYIBT) is an independent nonprofit research and learning institution. NYIBT's mission is to meet the needs of researchers and students, providing an environment for researchers and industry practitioners to collaborate and conduct researches that have beneficial social and economic impacts, enriching students with useful knowledge and applicable skills for further study and better employment. NYIBT currently operates three centers:

  • Center for Advanced Research

  • Center for Language Studies

  • Center for Professional Studies

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NYIBT was founded to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and a truly passionate staff, we help students develop academically and personally to the highest level. We invite you to explore our site and discover the academics and community NYIBT provides to each and every student. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour, learn more about enrollment, or ask any other questions. The academic program at NYIBT places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.


NYIBT aims to become a leading research organization dedicated to advancing, applying, and facilitating high standards of research practice for a wide variety of audiences within the institute and across the community, state, and national arenas. We are committed to enhancing research support to scholars and public agencies for research, service, and educational activities. NYIBT conducts original research, data collection, and data analysis that inform scholarship and public policy decision-making. Objective research and consultation are provided through establishing and developing research relationships, both within the institute and with external public policymakers, researchers, and not-for-profit agencies locally, nationally, and internationally; and designing and providing quality research by adhering to the highest ethical standards and professional best practices.

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